Clinical Research Glossary

X-ray X-ray


A way of taking pictures of the inside of a person's body using X-ray radiation.

Example of X-ray in a sentence

An X-ray uses radiation to create images of bones, organs, and tissues.

More Info

An X-ray creates pictures of the inside of a person’s body to view bone fractures and dislocations, certain tumors and other growths, pneumonias, fluid collections, and other problems.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may hear the term “X-ray” when the study team is talking about what happens in the research study. The study team could also say they are looking at your X-rays to get data for the study.

If you do need an X-ray for the study, you can get more information about what kind of X-ray the study team will need and what part of the body they will scan. You can also find out if the X-ray results from the research will be put into your medical records for your regular doctor to see.

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