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Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)


A process to make a treatment or vaccine available during a public health emergency, before all research is complete, and before full approval is granted.

Example of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in a sentence

Regulators decide whether to allow an Emergency Use Authorization.

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An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) makes medical treatments and vaccines available when the public’s health is at risk, such as during a pandemic.

Under an EUA, medicines and vaccines are still being tested but the approval process is fast-tracked in order to make interventions available more quickly.

An EUA applies to the USA only. Other countries have different rules and regulations.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The term “Emergency Use Authorization” may be something you heard during the Covid pandemic. If a treatment or vaccine is made available under an EUA, you may hear that there are still research studies to collect more data about the product.

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