Clinical Research Glossary

biomarker biomarker


Something in the body that is measured as an indicator of personal health or disease.

Example of biomarker in a sentence

Many different types of biomarkers can be measured in the body.

More Info

Biomarkers can be found in blood, body fluids, or tissues. They are sometimes related to a particular disease or condition.

A biomarker can show how the body is working, and provide information about health.

Understanding biomarkers is important for developing new drugs and medical devices. Biomarkers are one way to figure out whether the drug or device is working as intended.

For example, one biomarker is cholesterol. Cholesterol levels are a useful biomarker for heart disease. A research study might try to find out if a medication is helping lower cholesterol to prevent heart disease.

Other info to think about when joining a study

A study that collects samples like blood or saliva from your body might be looking biomarkers.

You can ask the study team any questions you have about the kinds of biomarkers that might be studied and whether any of the results will be returned to you.

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