Clinical Research Glossary

baseline assessment baseline assessment


Information that is collected and analyzed from a study participant at the start of a study.

Example of baseline assessment in a sentence

A baseline assessment collects data about the participant’s health status at the start of a study before any study treatment is given.

More Info

A baseline assessment is used to compare how the participant’s health status changes during the study.

For example, if a study is measuring weight loss, the participant’s weight must be taken at the start of the study to see if the participant loses weight while they are in the study.

A baseline assessment could include questionnaires, lab tests, or other medical information for the study.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may hear the term “baseline assessment” when the study team tells you about what you need to do for the research study. They may ask you to complete a “baseline assessment” to collect information at the start of the study. Some baseline assessments are done by the participant (like a survey) while others might be done with a person from the study team (like a blood draw).

If you do not understand the baseline assessment at the start of the study, please ask the study team to clarify.

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