Who is this for?

The target audience for this work is:

  • any research professional who generates and/or maintains individual participant (patient) level data obtained through conducting a research trial.
  • those who plan, design, and oversee research trials that gather individual participant-level data.

These resources are applicable to types of research beyond just clinical trials.

This website was developed in collaboration with patients and patient advocates, and also includes resources specifically for them that can support their decision-making and potential next steps for their individual research results:

For further guidance on the various roles within the return of individual research results, we have outlined roadmaps for different stakeholders’ responsibilities and scope:

Research Sponsors

Those developing treatments and financing clinical trials.


Those providing ethical reviews of research or managing human research protections programs.

Study Staff & Investigators

Principal Investigators, study team members, and staff at research sites.

Patients & Participants

Those participating in or considering clinical trials, and their family members/caregivers.

The MRCT Center invites review, comment, and suggestions for revision from all stakeholders to MRCT@bwh.harvard.edu