EbD Metrics Framework – Clone for Testing

Equity by Design in Clinical Research: The EbD Metrics Framework


In late 2020, the MRCT Center convened representatives of professional, trade, academic, and patient advocacy organizations and formed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Roundtable (hereafter termed ‘Roundtable’). To support burgeoning efforts in DEI and strengthen accountability, the Roundtable sought to develop metrics that succinctly, accurately, and holistically capture DEI in clinical research.


The EbD Metrics Framework is designed to provide a straightforward and engaging overview of DEI in clinical research, to prompt reflection for harmonized organizational DEI efforts, and to orient users toward potential entry and follow-up strategies. The framework is organized around seven key themes (see image). Quantitative and qualitative measures are proposed for each theme, which can be disaggregated into detailed measures and tailored by users. The level of detail explored will depend on the user’s purpose. For more information, please see the EbD Metrics Framework User Guide.

While it is anticipated that the EbD Metrics Framework will evolve into an interactive tool, the first iteration of the Framework is in PDF format.

Version 1.1 of the Framework is a living document, and we welcome feedback and/or case studies of utilization that could serve to improve the tool.