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Global Clinical Research Data

Focus Area: Data Transparency

Global Clinical Research Data


By promoting clinical trial data sharing, Vivli hopes to advance scientific discovery while honoring the essential contributions of clinical trial participants. 

Vivli is a not-for-profit entity that will promote global clinical trial data sharing through the establishment of a data platform where data can be hosted, searched, and accessed. Vivli will build bridges to existing platforms to enable pooling of current datasets and key learnings from extant data sharing communities.  We envision the platform to be used by researchers and sponsors from academia, industry, and the non profit sectors.

Sharing clinical trials data is critical to inform clinical and regulatory decision making and to honor trial participants who put themselves at risk to advance science.

Sharing data can enhance public trust and accountability and facilitate other critical research.  If such goals are to be achieved, patient-level data must be readily findable and available for aggregation and analysis across multiple sources to enable the widest range of secondary research uses. Working with institutional and individual partners, MRCT’s proposed solution, Vivli will link existing data-sharing platforms and communities, while hosting data from investigators and entities who aspire to share data but lack the resources to do so.

Please see our May 11, 2016 New England Journal of Medicine Perspective on Data Sharing Highlighting Vivli

To learn more about Vivli and how it works visit the Vivli website.