How We Work

How We Work


Identify Initiatives

Projects selected will be those with demonstrated:

  • Global Impact
  • Expertise within our stakeholder base
  • Significance Actionable within a defined timeline

Form Working Groups

Multi-stakeholder teams will be formed through careful selection and include:

  • Global diversity
  • World class experts
  • Enthusiastic leaders

Craft Solutions

Project solutions will be developed by working groups according to:

  • Accepted ethical standards
  • Real world practicality
  • Actionability
  • Long term sustainability
  • Deliverables and clear timeline

Pilot Solutions

Project solutions identified will be:

  • Piloted within our sponsor organizations
  • Evaluated and results published
  • If positive, work toward widespread adoption

Implement & Adopt

Project solutions will be implemented through:

  • Training programs conducted by us, our stakeholder organizations, and collaborators
  • Disseminating guidelines and practices
  • Working with MRCT Center collaborators to deploy sustainable training

Disseminate & Communicate

The MRCT Center team will:

  • Identify end users of the project solution
  • Deploy the dissemination strategy