Why become a Sponsor

Why become a Sponsor

The MRCT Center Is a Partnership for Leaders

Since 2009, stakeholders within the clinical research industry have expressed public commitment to sharing information and building new standards for an entire industry – and to do so not only within industry, but in collaboration with academia, non-industry research sponsors, and professional and lay communities around the world. The MRCT Center provides a unique and trusting community to improve the integrity, safety, and rigor of global clinical trials. Join us in these efforts.

Benefits of Executive Committee Sponsorship:

  • Represent institution on the Executive Committee, with one or more members as needed. This includes:
    • Two in-person Executive Committee meetings/year, one held coincident with the Steering Committee
    • Five virtual Executive Committee meetings, two held coincident with the Steering Committee
  • Participate in identification, review, and prioritization of potential MRCT Center projects
    • Participate in discussion of emerging issues and mission-critical challenges to help focus and scope potential projects
    • Provide expert advice as needed and feedback on projects in flight
    • Co-lead or participate in project teams and/or conferences
    • Access tools and resources in advance of public dissemination

Benefits of Steering Committee sponsorship:

  • Represent institution on the Steering Committee, with one or more members as needed. This includes:
    • One in-person Steering Committee meeting/year, held coincident with the Executive Committee
    • Three virtual Steering Committee meetings, held coincident with the Executive Committee
  • Participate in review and prioritization of potential MRCT Center projects 

Benefits of both Executive and Steering Committee membership:

  • Engage with other similar institutions, organizations, stakeholders, and regulators to address common challenges and opportunities associated with global clinical research
  • Contribute to policy discussions of emerging challenges in international clinical research enterprise
  • Review drafts of proposed policy positions and submissions both in response to regulatory requests and other, as timing allows
  • Participate in ongoing discussions of global in-country regulatory engagement (e.g. China, India, Mexico, Africa)
  • Gain insight from best practice discussions through workgroup participation
  • Ensure guaranteed representation on work streams, if desired
  • Access all MRCT Center-developed tools, templates, and resources  through the sponsor portal on our site
  • Guaranteed access to MRCT Center in-person Annual Meeting
  • Recognized institutional support and participation in MRCT Center work
  • Recognized leadership in the ethical design and conduct of clinical research

Responsibilities of Executive and Steering Committee Sponsorship

  • Serve as ambassador for and advisor to MRCT Center initiatives
  • Participate in Executive Committee and Steering Committee meetings
  • Engage in identification of current challenges in global clinical research
  • Participate in workgroups of multi-stakeholder teams, as applicable
  • Contribute to the dissemination and implementation of MRCT Center work products, as appropriate, through:
    • Review and comment on draft documents when circulated
    • Pilot solutions and provide feedback
    • Identify outlets for dissemination and communications
    • Adopt solutions, as consistent with the goals of your organization
  • Identify institutional point(s) of contact for MRCT Center leadership

What MRCT Center sponsors say:

“The MRCT Center provides a rare and privileged environment to talk about practical issues in the conduct and review of trials. Participants represent all groups involved in trials, from sponsors to participants, and the environment allows candid discussion of issues that might otherwise be self-censored because of commercial or “political” concerns. Meetings and working groups are also focused on producing practical recommendations that will have short-term impact on the clinical trials enterprise. And the knowledge and stature of the people “around the table” ensures that the meetings are always fascinating.” (MRCT Center sponsor)

“The MRCT Center serves the global clinical trial ecosystem, skillfully and passionately, and in such a masterful way that all involved stakeholders in that ecosystem are truly benefitted. The incredibly talented leadership and staff cover more complex and nuanced, novel and jagged, policy terrain than any of us could fathom tackling alone or even collectively without their leadership.  Much thanks and appreciation for the past five years of working together.”  (MRCT Center sponsor)

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