Barbara E Bierer

Faculty Director

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Mark Barnes

Faculty Co-Director & Co-Chair, MRCT Center Executive Committee

Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP

Lecturer, Yale School of Medicine; Visiting Lecturer, Yale Law School

Sarah White

Executive Director

Senior Advisors

Rebecca Li

Senior Advisor, MRCT Center

Executive Director, Vivli

Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Stephen Sonstein

Senior Advisor, MRCT Center

Chair of the Committee on Accreditation of Academic Programs in Clinical Research

Professor Emeritus, Eastern Michigan University

David Strauss

Senior Advisor, MRCT Center

Director of Research Operations & Compliance at Columbia University and NYSPI

Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of PRIM&R

Luke Gelinas

Senior Advisor, MRCT Center

Chairperson at Advarra IRB


Carmen Aldinger

Administrative and Training Manager

Sylvia Baedorf Kassis

Program Manager

Hayat Ahmed

Project Coordinator

Emily Statham

Project Coordinator

Bhagyashree Sonwane (Nikki)

Research Associate

Linda McMaster

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Murray

Student Researcher