About MRCT


Promoting safe and ethical clinical trialspic-about-overview

The MRCT Center engages expert stakeholders from industry, academia, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and regulatory agencies to take on critical issues in the conduct and oversight of clinical trials. We are a neutral convening organization associated with two of the world’s most respected names in healthcare and academia: Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University. Working in the pre-competitive space, our multidisciplinary teams collaborate to identify challenges and deliver ethical, actionable, and practical solutions for the global clinical trial enterprise, with a focus on emerging economies. Our efforts have resulted in the implementation of best practices, greater transparency, and improved safety for research participants.

Our Vision

Improve the integrity, safety, and rigor of global clinical trials

Our Mission

Engage diverse stakeholders to define emerging issues in global clinical trials and to create and implement ethical, actionable, and practical solutions.

We strive to:

  • Identify regulatory, oversight, and ethics issues and facilitate solutions in clinical trials around the world
  • Resolve regulatory and ethical issues in order to improve the clinical trial enterprise
  • Foster respect for clinical trial participants by working to improve the ethics, safety and transparency of clinical trials
  • Promote regulatory convergence within multiple regions to accelerate innovation and improve health care around the world

Increased Globalization

Long-term solutions to problems arising from the globalization of clinical research will require input from multi-disciplinary stakeholders around the world. The future of the pharmaceutical and device industries is predicated on addressing these issues.