The MRCT Center Story

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Founding – The “MRCT Project” was initiated in 2009 by Pfizer at a summit meeting at Harvard with a group of like-minded stakeholders. The output of the summit meeting culminated in a report of recommendations that led to the establishment of the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials (MRCT) Center. The report also served as the blueprint for the Center’s first three initiatives. The mission of the MRCT Center was defined as to focus on the design, conduct and oversight of multi-regional clinical trials with an emphasis on those issues involving the emerging world.

Expansion – Starting in 2010, additional industry, non-profit and academic stakeholders joined the MRCT Center as members of the Executive and Steering Committee, forming a diverse stakeholder community of like-minded organizations to address the common challenges associated with globalization of clinical trials. During this period the MRCT Center was staffed and located at Harvard University.

Launch of Workstreams, Global Reach and Early Results – The Center has launched numerous projects and workstreams in five major focus areas: Data Transparency, Ethical Frameworks, Global Regulatory, Safety, and Training.   Our training efforts have spanned seven countries and currently span six modules.

Access to Resources and Tools – Since the mission of the Center is to impact the emerging and developing world, our resources and tools are freely and openly available. Selected versions of tools and resources are available to sponsors only for six months prior to public release on our website for download.

Today – The MRCT Center is located on the Harvard campus and administratively associated with the Division of Global Health Equity at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. We are supported by a vibrant community of stakeholders and over 35 sponsors.